Role reversal OI

2021.12.06 14:11 lxstinthedream Role reversal OI

It would be so fun if there was an OI when MC/FL had transmigrated herself into duchess of the north (not the daughter, the head) and had no interest for men or looks, and the villain and the crown prince were crybabies who fight for the cold duchess. Then she goes and marries a commoner who she kidnapped/saved (depending on your moral compass) who has a heart of gold and can do idk healing magic , so now the crown prince tries to poison (it’s always the poison lol) the commoner and such.
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2021.12.06 14:11 lynxtrainer 家乡人口每五年减少100万,这还是在持续引进移民的情况下。虽然你们不愿意承认,但是这样下去日本是会自我灭亡的。

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2021.12.06 14:11 yohceezax KnockBack, Episode 200: Avatar The Last Airbender (Season One)

Surprise! For our 200th episode, we decided to cover one of the most-requested topics from our audience since we began KnockBack some four years ago. Avatar: The Last Airbender came to Nickelodeon in 2005, and its first season immediately raised the bar of what could be expected from a 21st century Nick that helped define the previous 20 years of children and teen television content. Full of heart and soul, beautifully animated, and charming to the max, Avatar is undeniably appealing and worth your attention. We're very pleased to finally talk about it here on KnockBack, and we hope you enjoy.
Patreon Video
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2021.12.06 14:11 ap0kalyps3 Mission 33 - The Quilez Tools - 100% - 4 Seconds remaining

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2021.12.06 14:11 jacobpierce42 NFL/NCAA Player copyright rules.

Hello, I want to start selling t-shirts for NFL and college athletes and I wanted to know if my idea would be against copyright rules.
Hypothetically, if I were to reach out to the player with a design of them (see description of design below) and they gave me permission to sell, splitting the profit, could I sell it? Or would I still technically need the teams permission?
Design: photo/drawing of player with the number and name on the jersey, with the teams jersey color, but the teams name and logo has been edited out.
Thanks for all the help!
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2021.12.06 14:11 Samuel_L_Windu West Ham have not lost a game by more than one goal in their last 40 games.

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2021.12.06 14:11 madworld Adding shelving around chain plates

We are converting a hanging locker to shelves, and the location that we want to add the top shelf supports will overlap the fiberglass that one of the chain plates is going through.
What is the best method of attaching wood there for a shelf support?
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2021.12.06 14:11 kshelton9 Confused about round ratings

I thought I understood round ratings, but realized this weekend that I do not. In the past couple month there have been 2 tournaments that played the same layout for my division, the only different is they made one hole a par 4 instead of three, so total par was 59 instead of 58. I wasn't able to play in the first tournament, but was able to play in the second. When I saw my round ratings I was confused because they were much lower than I would've expected based on the round ratings from the previous tournament that played the same layout. Basically my event average for the second tournament was 791, however if I would've played the exact same 2 rounds in the previous tournament my event average would've been 850.
I'm not sure if I have provided enough information for an explanation, but if someone could help me wrap my head around this a bit better I'd really appreciate it. I've been playing tournament for 6 months, so still figuring a lot of things out.
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2021.12.06 14:11 raresmalinschi What I hoped for Microsoft is...

Refactoring more code, the last time they did that was when they annoucnced Windows Vista, so I hope that Windows 11 Version 22H2 Codename Copper will fix this mess because they keep complaining about inconsistency and make it more modular like KDE is doing right now.
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2021.12.06 14:11 INDIANRECIPESKINGDOM [Homemade] Quail Roast

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2021.12.06 14:11 poupou_nette Glasses or no?

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2021.12.06 14:11 GuitarBot9 Weekend event

Hey guys. Just started playing recently and this was my first weekend event. When do I get the booster packs?
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2021.12.06 14:11 SirAnura There was only one dam by a small lake and I only saw the two beavers. Made a quick nab and they all started crawling out of the woodwork.

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2021.12.06 14:11 alexslater25 Opportunity

I see a lot of people are angry that the price keeps dropping, it's understandable. But, should you really be angry? These are the great moments of opportunity where you actually make a lot more money than if the price went up, you just have to act on it. You have to put aside emotion, that emotion which stems from you believing in the project so much, making you question your investing intelligence when things appear to go wrong. But, from a long-term point of view, things are going right and this is an excellent opportunity to increase your endgame profits substantially.
Would you be angry if a day after purchasing one, the price of your favorite sandwich dropped? No! You would happily buy another the next day and nourish yourself.
Take advantage of these rare opportunities. Buy the dip, hodl and win.
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2021.12.06 14:11 StephenChenault I am Steve Chenault, Troll Lord Games CEO/General Manager, author, game designer & producer, and Friend of Gygax. It's been 20+ years of publishing goodness! - Ask Me Anything!

Greetings from the Dens!
Back in December of 2004 Troll Lord Games released the first printing of the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, which has become TLG’s flagship product. Today, December 6th, 2021, we release the 8th printing! Today is particularly “special” (and I use that word lightly) because it is Davis Chenault’s birthday (he is the co-creator of the Siege Engine with Mac Golden).
To celebrate all this, I have decided to share some time with you wonderful folks on Reddit answering any question you may have!
My short bio: Greetings from the Troll Dens! My name is Stephen Chenault, one of the founding members and present CEO of Troll Lord Games. We make table top role playing games! Our flagship product is Castles & Crusades, a fast-paced, easy-to-learn OGL game. We launched in 1999 (though I started gaming back in the woebegone days of the 1970s) with a series of adventures and world settings. Within a few short months, we had signed on Gary Gygax, launched our fantasy game Castles & Crusades, our modern, Multi-Genre RPG, Amazing Adventures, and a host of other projects and games.
The Job: My primary job is managing the day-to-day operations of Troll Lord Games, from conception to printing. I do a fair bit of writing for the company for both Castles & Crusades and the world of Aihrde, as well as fiction and reference material. I do two weekly Twitch shows, a weekly AMA and GM’s Tricks of the Trade, and I also blog about all sorts of things, from world-building to the alien crash at Roswell! Currently, my focus lies on the release of the Players Handbook, 8th printing, the NPC Almanac (two volumes), and the Adventurers Spellbook.
Ask me Anything! I’ll answer just about anything I can from TLG news and history, to working with Gary Gygax, projects we’ve released/are releasing/plan to release, industry news, game design, setting design, GM Tricks of the Trade, or whatever enters your noodle space! For more info visit our discord!
My Proof:
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2021.12.06 14:11 sinisa80 Groin pain?

Started two days ago, left leg. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2021.12.06 14:11 Gavin_p ‘Red Dead Online is Ruined.’ Good video.

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2021.12.06 14:11 drunkiddy Selling Shadow trade banned accounts with DRAGON LORE, HOWL, MEDUSA, FIRE SERPENT, KNIVES, GLOVES, AND MANY CRAZY SKINS. CHEAP PRICES 50-100 EURO, add my DISCORD darkaxcsgo#3101

Selling Shadow trade banned accounts with DRAGON LORE, HOWL, MEDUSA, FIRE SERPENT, KNIVES, GLOVES, AND MANY CRAZY SKINS. CHEAP PRICES 50-100 EURO, add my DISCORD darkaxcsgo#3101
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2021.12.06 14:11 WellRedQuaker Anyone sit ACA AA and FAR today?

Hope you had as much fun as I did, and remembered to depreciate land.
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2021.12.06 14:11 Weekly_Bug_4847 Looking to ditch my Fire Cube because of performance issues, is Roku my answer? YT really going to be bricked?

Looking to ditch my Fire Cube because it’s a steaming pile of garbage. It crashes, freezes, and is generally just slow and cumbersome. It’s a few years old now, so I want to get a new streaming device that will just be better performing. Roku seems universally pointed to as the best, but is there anything I’m giving up going to Roku? Any apps that won’t be available ? I’ve heard rumblings about YouTube not being available after the 9th. I haven’t heard anything one way or the other in the news to confirm that since October when the news broke. YT not being available might be a deal breaker if there is no workaround.
Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.06 14:11 IntelligentHeart1685 Can’t get over what my mum said after it happened

Can’t tag more than one thing, but this is a rant.
This happened late July this year at a pretty popular UK music festival. I got lost from my family, decided to go to an area where there was a lot of music and dancing so I could make friends. I’m sure you can guess what happened there. He KNEW I was 14, I told him outright, he asked for my Instagram (before it happened) where it was clear that I was underage, I was wearing a Teen bracelet. When I finally got back to my mum (with the help of festival staff), I told her what happened and eventually we went back to our tent and went to bed. I was sitting there crying my eyes out because I was so upset and wanted to go home. My mum KNEW what happened and yelled “WILL YOU SHUT UP? IM TRYING TO SLEEP!”. She’s never apologised for this. She’s done this before too. OH IM SORRY THAT YOUR SLEEP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER.
I will NEVER forgive her for that.
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2021.12.06 14:11 OrwellWasRight69 Dr. Rand Paul Knows The Covid Vaxx Is Poison

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2021.12.06 14:11 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Why Bank of America initiated a buy rating on Rivian ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2021.12.06 14:11 kopocko Opinion: GW4 is not good product, but there isnt anything better.

I am gonna give my take on GW 4, I used over 3 months paired to S10e.
It still feels like beta product. The system is not stuttering, but even simple things sometimes take longer time to load. It is nice that there are so many sensors and things to measure, but those results are average at best and borderline useless at worst (sleep tracking the most obvious for everyone).
Probably most useful feature is Google Pay. However this also comes downsides. It cant be changed as default option instead of Samsung Pay. Fortunately it can be added as another shortcut. This obviously requires pin to be set, but every day after I charge the watch, the device just doesnt recognize its back on hand, so it keeps locking back again. Also it always locks during sleep. And if it gets locked and midnight passes it just skippes 1 hour ahead of time... It cant even show time correctly!
Raise to wake is not working as good as on Mi Band 6 I had before (about 50% time), so I am stuck with AOD, that doesnt adjust its brightness well enough. However it is at least nice screen, that is well visible outside. As for the battery, I expected 1 full day and I can get about 32 hours, so I am ok with that.
This is my first smart watch and I am not happy. It is just unfinished. I expected product that works from the get go and not device for beta testers. Its just 4-5/10 product, but there is literally nothing else with Wear OS 3.
I hope you enjoyed my rant.
TLDR: Too many unpolished or badly functioning features, but there is no competition with Wear OS 3 yet, so it is selling.
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2021.12.06 14:11 harrys7potter Islam Dinesh D'Souza is so embarrassed of being barefoot, Indian and brown he wants to convert Muslim to Christian, like he did

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