Urban Dictionary’s word of the day today is mathom. Why purchase a new gift for your loved ones this holiday season when you have mathoms?

2021.12.06 15:13 8mperatore Urban Dictionary’s word of the day today is mathom. Why purchase a new gift for your loved ones this holiday season when you have mathoms?

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2021.12.06 15:13 kantauriy Hoe many calories does standing in the cold burn?

Because I stood outside for over an hour at 0 °C to get my booster shot🥰
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2021.12.06 15:13 Justaproph Why are Advisors at baruch so useless?

Today I was speaking with an advisor to help plan out what classes to take next semester. I'm in a bit of an odd situation which is why I needed an Advisor. She basically just told me some options I had for classes. But every class she suggested either isn't available, full, or I don't meet prerequisites. When I ask her can you help me specifically instead of just giving me general information (like maybe help me with finding classes I actually qualify for) she basically just told me she gave me all the information needed and I can find another advisor for help. I looked for another advisor btw and she is literally the only one available for the next month. I'm in kind of a dyer situation and when I explained it to her she showed almost no concern at all. Just "here's what you need to take" basically no more or less help then checking degreeworks. I asked if she can at least go through classes with me and try and find a specific one that works, and she just told me "no I can't do that" so fuck my education and career right? I honestly feel like reporting this lady but I know nothing will come of it.
If you're an advisor why not actually advise, and help students rather then giving very general information.
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2021.12.06 15:13 SallySmokes Hey everyone I’m currently looking for sports writers for my website. Any sport you’d like to write about is needed; Wether it’s Football, Basketball, Baseball, Fantasy Football/Fantasy Sports, UFC, etc.

This ISN’T A “JOB” TO MAKE A LIVING OFF OF. It’s more for sports writers trying to get their name out there, and make a little bit of money while doing it. It’s paid off VIEWS. $2/1000 views. All we’re looking for is people to write at least 1 article a week on any sports topic they’d like. If you’re interested you can contact me here on Reddit, or any of the other platforms below. Yes ik “Wether” is spelled “Whether” it was a typo 👍 Twitter: @FantasyByStorm Instagram: @FantasyByStorm Gmail: FantasyByStorm@gmail.com
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2021.12.06 15:13 Maleficent-Art-2563 Starting reviews over on all Pa subs, Last page was lost along with photos n reviews.

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2021.12.06 15:13 WorstTactics Riftmaker buff idea.

Leeching Leer cost: 1300 -> 1200 gold. I feel like other items such as phage or serrated dirk are just as good, if not better than Leer, and they also cost less.
New buildpath: Leeching Leer (1200g) + Blasting Wand (850g) + Ruby Crystal (400g). Total cost unchanged (3000g).
Riftmaker stats: HP: 300 -> 400, AP 80 -> 75
If this turns out to be too OP then reduce its AP to 70.
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2021.12.06 15:13 Better-Ad-342 مجموعة مدارس خاصة توظف 20 سائق حافلات النقل المدرسي ببركان

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2021.12.06 15:13 lxxalbxxl How are you supposed to get past this part?

I just completed the action and need to press the button to open the door. I can’t reach the button, so i need to possess the slig, who is standing next to the button and won’t move.. also there’s the red orbs preventing me from possessing enemies, unless you stand in the right spot i guess? This is such shitty level design where they are just sending mixed messages with what they want the player to do. I find myself getting frustrated on nearly every screen from something stupidly designed, thought the remake was supposed to fix this
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2021.12.06 15:13 Veenohj First timer here- looking for suggestions

Hey all,
I have a few plants growing outside, but I want to give a try to a more controlled environment. WHat are your suggestions for:
Tents (what are tents needed for?)
Nutrients? (for my outdoor plants I have just used mushroom compost and kelp meal)
Anything else?
Oh- I currently use 3 gallon fabric pots- though I am open to your suggestions there as well.
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2021.12.06 15:13 AddendumActive864 2008 murder of a young girl in Salt Lake City

In 2008 a young Burmese refugee girl was found murdered. Shortly after the body was found, police and the FBI arrested a suspect and got a confession. In 2014 the accused was found guilty at a trial.
Mainstream media largely supported the prosecution, including adhering to a gag order.
One reporter in Utah did give hints that something might be off though. For example she pointed out on her Twitter feed that two jurors who were dismissed were diligent note takers.
A very similar murder had occurred less than a mile away just two years previous.
There had been a lot of questions about that investigation and arrest, which also involved a secret confession and a gag order, so police were under some pressure.
It was largely the same group of police and FBI agents involved in both cases.
Anyway, bits of information have become public over the years, pointing to the person in prison not being the actual killer.
Material recently put online includes recordings from the trial, of significant material that the media did not report.
Is anybody interested in this case? Ask for any material and I'll post it.
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2021.12.06 15:13 bigcarrot15 Spear of Bastion bug where the target can repeatedly just walk out of it

I play a lot of 2s on my warriors (~6k games total this season between both characters and 2s/3s) and I am Kyrian on both.
When 9.1.5 dropped I was doing 2s that week and I kept spearing this warrior and he just repeatedly walked out of it. I'm talking everytime (4-5 spears iirc because it was a long match). He did nothing special, just simply walked out. I was legit baffled but chalked it up to lolshadowlands. The tether animation was on him each time and I did not miss any of them.
Well today once again I am fighting a warrior and the first spear bugs out (he was right at the edge of it but enough for the tetheeffect to hit him). Despite the tether animation I figured it was a bad spear cause sometimes that does happen if they're at the edge of it - so going forward for the rest of the match with my next 3 spears I made sure the warrior was stunned/rooted before throwing and every single time he just simply walked out of it.
So far this has happened only into other warriors, I am wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue as well or noticed anything? You can only really see it happen in 2s, in 3s almost every comp has some external to negate spear or games are usually quick. Warriors also one of the few classes that have to sit spear unless they get a full flesh off which did not happen in either case for me.
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2021.12.06 15:13 DarkCharizard81 Tommy gun

You ain't happy unless you've got one
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2021.12.06 15:13 sweetlyswanky Gift Frustration

I’m finding myself feeling very frustrated with SD11 regarding gifts. Christmas is coming up, and not only does she have NO feedback about what she wants this year, she’s now started making comments about how she specifically does not want clothes for Christmas.
Which is KIND OF fine, but also I’m irritated by this because she just recently had her birthday last month and we went through the same thing with her not letting us know a single thing that she wanted, so I got her…clothes. It feels like a slap in the face every time she says “clothes are the worst gift.”
She has tons of toys that she never plays with. Video games she doesn’t play. Art supplies she doesn’t use. Books she doesn’t read.
At this point, I’m planning to give her a $50 gift card and fill her stocking (from Santa) and that’s it, SO can do the rest. What would you do?
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2021.12.06 15:13 MarvelsGrantMan136 Destin Daniel Cretton Back for 'Shang-Chi' Sequel, Will Develop Additional MCU Disney+ Series

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2021.12.06 15:13 joyjiman Currently working on a mirko artwork:)

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2021.12.06 15:13 8chon are there any fPS games with Gritty "Watch Your Step" realism regarding TRIPPING ?

When I'm playing Left4Dead for example I do the common "walking backwards while shooting at the mob of zombies I'm retreating from"
I can do this at full speed in game, but if we were being realistic:
1) people can't move backward as quickly as they do forward
2) you're more likely to trip on obstacles behind you since you can't see them
Being able to see obstacles would also be an issue if you were walking forward but aiming upward: if you were focusing on your footwork you would need to aim your eyes/gun low and maybe not see any high-elevation attackers.
It seems like thre should be varying % chance of tripping on different terrains depending on debris present to trip on, plus other stuff like "did a zombie just tackle you" which should throw off balance.
Tripping happening would really mix up both melee and gun combat and be very gritty and realistic. It's the kind of thing you see happen in Walking Dead but not so much video games.
One mechanic I liked in this one magic girl FPS on Steam (forget the name, only played demo) was it had a stamina system (running and jumping and falling depleted stamina, walking regained it) and it you kept sprinting while stamina was out you have a % chance of falling.
Makes sense that coordination would go down w/ fatigue. You could also link that to how many guns/ammo/armor you carry for higher trip chances.
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2021.12.06 15:13 EstebanVenti Calling all BITMAN grads

How did you get a good paying job after graduation? Really curious because I’m either taking this or auto
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2021.12.06 15:13 akioet I am unable to launch The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut via proton

Hi, first, sorry for posting this question here, I couldn't find the weekly tech support thread. I am having problems launching Witcher 1. Whenever I try to run it launches to a black screen with a weird empty popup and closes after I press ok: https://imgur.com/a/b7WQtpo
I am currently running Manjaro KDE with Linux Kernel 5.15.2-2-MANJARO, an RX 580 GPU and a Ryzen 5 2600.
The game has worked before but I had to uninstall it a while ago and when I reinstalled it this problem started happening. Can anyone help me? Other games run fine. If anyone needs any further information I'm happy to share it.
Thank you in advance.
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2021.12.06 15:13 SmellyCat0007 Css Animated Hamster

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2021.12.06 15:13 Zeboni As requested by a member of this subreddit. Made a full henshin sound that combines Live and Evil sounds.

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2021.12.06 15:13 vrguy1 After the Fall - Cross-buy, Cross-play, Cross-progression, etc. (Quest 2)

Hey all, I'm interested in playing After the Fall on my Quest 2, but I like the way the PCVR version looks better, so I have a few questions:

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2021.12.06 15:13 kimng277 I asked my PM for a higher raise 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything from him back. Should I apply for another job or bring it up to my PM?

Sorry in advance for a lengthy post. I'm 28F. I work in tech/consultant field as data scientist. A little of my background is I graduated college in 2018. I got my master back in Dec 2020 while working full-time. I start working at my current company back in July, 2020 and have made significant contribution to the team. My company gives out annual raise around March which is around 2-3% based on the performance. With a great performance review and my master degree, I thought I would get a decent raise but it was only 4% which made me a little disappointed. I had a very bad work experience from my last job which traumatized me a lot. This job has much better work environment and management, so I plan to suck it up and stay for at least 2 years to vest my 401k and to heal from my previous job even though there're a couple companies reached out.
Early this year, my team was downside 1 team member. I find myself have to take over the work is challenged bc my lead does not trust the other team member, which is fine since I like to challenge myself. Then, my PM asked me to help out another team. This team is smaller and has only 3 members including my PM. Last October, the junior on that small team left. 2 week later, the senior put his 2 weeks notice and left last November. That put me in a hot spot that I now have to take over the responsibilities of that team while still helping my team. My PM called early November to discuss my new role and how it will layout now that I'm in between 2 teams. And he told me that normally we would get 2-3% raise but in my case I would get 10k raise this year. The downside is that I have 3 month probation to show the management that I'm capable of doing my job, which means I don't get a raise until MaApr. I found it funny bc I have been taking over work and work at least 10hrs every day. He also asked me if I would stay with company longer with that 10k raise. I didn't prepare for the call so he caught me off-guard. I was honest and told him that I was planning to stay for at least 2 years with this job when I first joined the company so I wasn't planning to go anywhere.
I'm an immigrant. I came to the US when I was 17 without knowing any English. I work very hard to get to where I am today, but sometimes I have a hard time to acknowledge my value and am very bad at negotiating. So after the call, I spent a lot of time reflecting that conversation. I talked to my friends and did more research of the salary range with similar background in my area and it seems like it's off around 20-40k. I'm closed to my lead so I brought it up to her when we have our weekly call. She didn't sound very supportive but told me to do more researches. I'm not sure what she meant but I feel unsettled. I'm a type of person that if sth bothers me and I don't fix it, it will keep bother me and eats me alive. So a week before Thanksgiving, I hopped on a call with my PM, took all my strength and told him that I would like 15k instead of 10k. He took it very well. He thanked me to reach out to him and he agreed that I have a strong skillset. He said he would try to get me a higher raise, see if I could get my raise sooner than Mar and get back to me the following week.
It has been 2 weeks and I haven't heard back from him. How long should I wait until asking him? Or I should not bother but find and apply other job? I know if I quit, they will struggle for sure so I'm not sure what to do. Thank you for taking your time and read my long post. Looking forward to hearing your advice.
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2021.12.06 15:13 xlhlx So happy we finally have Kinze planters in game!

So happy we finally have Kinze planters in game!
Also really nice how there is a 1:1 seed:fertiliser ratio
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2021.12.06 15:13 Kamil_999 Lyran CLANS?

Any of yall is a Lyran Starseed and has been a clan member? And fought in the Reptilian war, and reincarnated here?
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2021.12.06 15:13 GunghisKahn USP 9 slide cerakoted M81. I love it!

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