Elakadt az Erdélyt ellepő hóban a kínai üzletember, csendőrök mentették ki őt, családját és 25 milliós lopott Mercijét

2021.12.06 14:27 telex_bot Elakadt az Erdélyt ellepő hóban a kínai üzletember, csendőrök mentették ki őt, családját és 25 milliós lopott Mercijét

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2021.12.06 14:27 MrBerklest This Christmas, the most important is the adoption of cryptocurrencies😉

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2021.12.06 14:27 Temporary-Maybe-6335 Girls Webcam 📽🔞

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2021.12.06 14:27 klutzysunshine Supporting Mercy Kitchen in Lafayette, Louisiana

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2021.12.06 14:27 SomaliMN AITA for firing my sister after reading her blog?

This is a repost. The original post is by u/problemwithmysister posted May 28th, 2020
Basically what happened is read my sisters blog. It was sent to me by a friend of mine who was asking if one of the “characters” was me. Spoiler alert, it was me.
Its couple years old and really popular. She doesn’t use our family’s real names but they are very similar and use the same first letter. So think real names: Katy, Julia, Marissa and Brad then the fake names being: Kathy, June, Marnie and Bob.
It’s descriptive enough of our lives and what we do for work that my friend identified me from it.
Its mostly about her and her life but there is still a lot about us.
A year ago I had an abortion. It was during the lowest point in my life so far and only she and my husband knew about it. She swore to me that she would take the secret to her grave. Yeah, she dedicated a whole entry to it.
A couple months ago she and her husband got laid off due to world events. I run my own business that wasn’t really affected and I offered her a job there to help her out. She’s not qualified in my field so I essentially made up a position for her so she could have a steady paycheck. She basically does data entry and other random tasks online from her home.
Her blog since then has basically centred on how much she hates it. She called it demeaning work and says a bunch of bullshit about how I obviously don’t respect her intelligence. I say this is bullshit because 1. She would need years of training to work any of the open positions 2. I told her what she would do when I offered it and she gushed about how grateful she was and that I was really helping her.
I called her and told her what I had read and how hurt I was. Her defence is that the blog is her online diary where she vents and that I should know not to take any of it personally. She actually had the gall to tell me that she is hurt that I read it! Apparently the right thing to do was ignore it??
I told her off for telling the internet my secrets and dragging me online where I could be, AND WAS, found by people who know me. She just said she did all her due-diligence by changing the names and it wasn’t her fault my friend found it.
We argued for a bit, it got increasingly heated, and I fired her. I told her that if she couldn’t apologize or see how she was wrong here, then she wasn’t who I thought she is and she could find a job where she felt more respected.
It’s been a week and I haven’t spoken to her at all. Her husband has been contacting me on her behalf trying to get her job back as they need the money. He claims she is sorry but I think if she was, then she could tell me herself.
My own husband is telling me I am overreacting and that she’s family and I should just forget it. I don’t agree.
Am I the asshole here?
TLDR: Sister drags me and reveals my secrets on her blog and I fire her, am I the asshole?

AITA Judgement: Not the A-hole

UPDATE (added in the original post)
After reading a lot of the response I have become more and more sickened by this situation. I sent my sister an email detailing how much damage this is doing to me emotionally and could do to me financially and professionally. In the email I am asking her to delete all entries in her blog that include private details about me, my business or our family.
I am giving her an ultimatum. She can do as I asked, delete the entries, and I will consider it water under the bridge. We can move on with our lives and try to repair our relationship.
She can continue to ignore me, keep her blog, and can consider me out of her life. We can see each other at family events and keep things civil but I will no longer share my life with her. She wont be an aunt to my future children or a real sister to me.
Ill update if and when she responds.

UPDATE #2 (added in the original post)
She replied to my email asking me to facetime her tomorrow. She wants to talk to me after we both have had the night to cool down. I agree with her as I am pretty heated right now.
Will update after our talk. Thank you everyone for the support, has really opened my eyes to the gravity of the situation.

FINAL UPDATE (added in the original post)
I talked to my sister early this morning. We had a really productive conversation! I won’t go into too much detail since it was a long and emotional call.
The reason she had not reached out during the week we weren’t talking was a bit surprising. It turns out her husband knew about the blog but had never read it at her request. After our blow up he wanted to see what had made me so upset. She allowed him to read some of the entries and he ended up siding with me. There was also some information on him and his family that he was upset about so they were having a separate fight about that.
I guess my email to her put into perspective to her how much damage her blog and the information she shared there could affect others. She showed me over the videochat that she actually deleted the whole thing. She told me that the blogging started out as a place to vent, but when it got more popular people started emailing her asking for updates on certain “characters” (ie her family) and she started seeing hundreds of comments. She became obsessed with it basically.
She apologized for sharing my secrets and for being ungrateful about the job. She claims that she was exaggerating in the blog to get more views and likes and I can see that.
Our relationship is damaged but not beyond repair. She is not coming back to work for me, instead I am just sending them a small amount of money to help cover their rent. It not as much as she was making but I really do love her and I still want to help her. Once one of them gets a job they will get back on their feet. This way they at least have less stress.
Once things start to reopen in our area she promised to set up a regular therapy appointment where she can vent all she wants and get actual advice. As well as help for what she described as a “blogging addiction”.
I want to thank everyone for the comments. Some of them were harsh and some of them were crazy but it helped a lot to figure out how I actually felt about the situation
I am planning to delete the original and this post in a day or two so it will be fair for both of us.
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2021.12.06 14:27 smcadam [OC] Bugbear Hugbear

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2021.12.06 14:27 Maxeyboy12 I thought the people on the Best Buy subreddit where whiny but…

Man you guys are so much worse! All I see on here are posts about how awful life is at Target. Where’s the positivity? Go out and create some happiness for yourselves, do a good deed while working and then post about it.
Oh no, your manager called and asked if you could come in on your day off? And you told them no and continued having your day off? The AUDACITY!
Thinking about working at Target, wanted to ask how the job is but I’m worried I’ll get all these biased angry answers.
Cheer up! Merry Christmas!
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2021.12.06 14:27 Lithominium Potion of lemur trans

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2021.12.06 14:27 dbrank A simple guide to the pronunciation of Worcestershire for all time until the heat death of the universe

WUS-TUR-SHUR. Simple, easy, clean. Sure, the spelling of Worcestershire could easily trip one up on that pronunciation, and that’s okay, but that’s how you do it. That’s the guide.
To all the YouTube chefs and grown ass adults who think it’s cute to mispronounce it: here is your guide. The first time you messed it up I forgive you, it’s on the house, don’t worry. Haha very funny he said the brown sauce word wrong. But you continue this running gag of worsesesestershir word vomit and it’s not funny. You’re a 30-something year old making a living posting videos of food on the internet, get your shit together, put it in a box, and fuck off to proper pronunciation land.
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2021.12.06 14:27 shacqtus I’m an idiot…after 1 year and 60k mi….

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2021.12.06 14:27 tourettesbitch I'm not sure if I'm overreacting to this, but this email from my manager just rubbed me the wrong way

I'm a receptionist in a doctor's office at a hospital. Not a terrible job, but it's more so a holdover while I work toward other goals. It pays $15/hr which I guess is to be expected for this kind of job in Kentucky. Recently I received this email from our manager:
"It's time to collect money for buying the four doctors in our office a gift card for their Christmas gift from us. I'm asking for $25 from each of you all for these. Money due to me by Tuesday December 14. Thanks."
Not a big deal, but I mean, in the two years I've been here, we have never gotten a holiday bonus. At the last doctor's office I worked at, staff got a holiday bonus, which is pretty standard. I know for a fact the manager makes around 80k a year (she oversees more than one office & it's a big hospital) and the doctors are surgeons, so I can't imagine they make any less than 200k at a minimum, though I don't know their exact salaries. So why am I buying these people things? Especially with no holiday bonus. Seems like bullshit to me.
Just had to vent.
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2021.12.06 14:27 FOMEKILL420 Retro meme concurso

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2021.12.06 14:27 BriarKnave What's that site where you can get your prescription glasses online?

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2021.12.06 14:27 NigelS75 Looking for a good CFI in Denver for some 172 currency training, mountain checkout, and eventually IR. Any recommendations?

Title says it all! Moving to Denver in a few weeks, I haven’t flown since summer as life got in the way, but I found an awesome CFI on this subreddit who helped me with my Sling checkout (Scott if you see this, congratulations on making it to the regionals- let’s grab coffee when you’re in Denver)
That being said, I haven’t flown a 172 in a year so need some refreshers and would like to continue my training in Denver. Currently just hold a PPL.
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2021.12.06 14:27 bigkoni COMPRO VOLANTE PARA PC LOGITECH G29

Buenas, busco volante logi g29 <3
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2021.12.06 14:27 Cymbal91 Eternals Marvel Collector Corps Box Arrived Yet ?

Has anyone received their novembers collectors corps box from Amazon yet ? I don’t believe I’ve even seen any leaks on what the pops are or anything, any info helps thanks
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2021.12.06 14:27 charcharsuperstar The latest victim…

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2021.12.06 14:27 Jackob78 Kontrakt og løn på arbejdsplads.

Beklager inderligt hvis dette ikke er det rette sted at spørge, men har virkeligt svært ved at finde info på google. (måske jeg bare ikke bruger de rigtige søgeord?)
Det første spørgsmål er, om man skal have en ny kontrakt på arbejdspladsen når man fylder 18, altså når ens løn ændre sig en del.
Det andet lyder på hvorvidt der er et minimum på hvor meget man må blive betalt i søndags og helligdags tillæg? (har snakket med en ven som mener jeg bliver betalt alt for lidt i tillæg, kontra hvad det skal lyde på.)
På forhånd mange tak :))
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2021.12.06 14:27 Cman1200 Thanks

I don’t know why I feel the need to share this, I’m just in a weird head space today I guess.
Just wanted to say Thank You to Hello Games for this wonderful game and universe. Discovering new planets and systems is the coolest shit especially when you come across one already discovered and named by someone else, despite the odds in this gigantic universe.
This game has helped me so much with closure for ones I have lost. The past few years have taken a lot from me, I’ve always struggled with coping with losing someone. But NMS gave me an outlet and allowed me to find somewhere beautiful that I can name in honor of lost loved ones. I always look for a new Paradise planet with lots of life. Just somewhere nice.
I don’t know why I spend hours looking for the right planet and leave them forever after naming it. Maybe just to make myself feel better, maybe to leave some form of them, maybe another traveller will stumble across the system and think about them. Either way it helps me. I just think about them still existing in some form out there and it makes me happy.
They’ve probably been wiped in some update by now or something and that’s okay. Nothing is forever.
I have named two systems in honor of two friends who left us prematurely, i hope someone came across their systems because they were both such incredibly nice people.
My dog passed away unexpectedly this summer and it hit me hard. I was in the middle of a NMS spout and idk i must of spent an hour or two alone just looking for the perfect planet and i eventually found it. A green paradise planet with lots of animals and beautiful water. The kind you would find and say “oh yeah this is my next base”.
I haven’t been able to get back on since. My character is still on that planet and I’m honestly scared to go back on. I will eventually but idk.
Anyway sorry for the rant.
Dont feel like posting this now that I’ve written it all out haha
If by the very off chance you come across a system named Devyn, Vince, or Toby I hope it helps you on your journey.
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2021.12.06 14:27 T-IKEICH Guitar French Lounge

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2021.12.06 14:27 Dr_MMA Maths/stats/machine-learning predictions for UFC 269: Oliveira vs. Poirier

Another great week for the model in the books: Knight and Puelles winning as underdogs and that Fiziev wheel kick!!
Picks for this stacked weekend are a lot more chill compared to the last few weeks but all look pretty sensible imo. Half of me is rooting for Cody despite the pick, such a shame how his career has gone after that ridiculous Cruz win and would love to see him hit that form again.
Thought I'd include the Fair Odds column rather than the expected value since it's likely everyone will get different odds so the old value column is a bit redundant. This way you can easily compare the odds you are getting to what they should be according to my model. So if you can get odds above the fair odds, it is worth betting on; and the bigger the difference the more it is worth betting. Anything below the fair odds is bad value. Formula for the bank percentage if anyone does want to calculate their own stakes properly is still 0.1 * (probability*(odds-1) + (1-probability)*(-1)) * 100.
Good luck this week everyone!!
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2021.12.06 14:27 arxrm Palm Angels Bear Tee alternatives to LY in bigger sizes?

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2021.12.06 14:27 Extra_Doughnut4710 Günstiger Katja Ordner . Dm me !

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2021.12.06 14:27 HunterTheHoly You were saying?

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2021.12.06 14:27 machinegungorilla Anyone know why we just jumped 50%?

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