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2021.10.22 06:48 Interesting-Rip-Goku trading

anyone lookin for a go jo cuz im trading it for anything op
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2021.10.22 06:48 billygoatplum staking

Hey all,
After staking on Star Terra is it normal for your 'Total staked Liquidity' to not show up straight away...?
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2021.10.22 06:48 Educational-Rain1224 What are the advantages of DeFi yield farming?

DeFi Yield Farming Development

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2021.10.22 06:48 TheFightingImp Queensland Police Service employees lose legal bid against mandatory COVID jab

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2021.10.22 06:48 IceAdministrative461 JOIN NOW AND GET THE BEST HELP FOR YOUR HOMEWORK!!

We work with only verified tutors in a ticket so no scamming, zero chances. https://discord.gg/W2mtyFXSEN
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2021.10.22 06:48 WorkerFearless1362 Advice for my orchid please!!

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2021.10.22 06:48 pissinboots117 pain...

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2021.10.22 06:48 darkfang77 If I have passed my driving test, can I drive whilst waiting for my license to come?

I was told by my examiner that I would have to wait up to a month for my license to arrive in the post and my provisional one was taken away from me (so I have nothing to show if I get stopped while I have an experienced driver in the passenger seat).
I tried googling this but it all relates to Covid/provisionals, does that mean I just have to wait until my full license arrives before I can buy my car and drive (either accompanied or alone)? Or could I just keep my pass certificate on hand to prove to dealers/police in case?
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2021.10.22 06:48 DDrift Gifts: Clothing made available by handing gifts to mentor - What's the Stats?

I wish to get one or two pieces of special clothing through handing gifts to mentor.
Is there any online resources stating the clothing stats?
All I could found are just pictures of how they look. I know QQ bangs overwrite the stats, but I still wish to know about these numbers before I spend tonnes of TP medals for the gifts.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 06:48 RustyRice23 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'innerHTML')

I recently live hosted my website and got this error. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'innerHTML')
This error did not occur on the local server but it occurred on a public server.
This is the line where the error occurred:

This is the JS:
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2021.10.22 06:48 _gadgetFreak His own party people are spouting "petrol price is increased to provide vacine for everyone", here Modi is boasting about it being free.

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2021.10.22 06:48 SimilarContext Looks comfortable

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2021.10.22 06:48 transigirthenight Bolsonaristas, me expliquem uma coisa...

Como vcs justificam estourar o teto de gastos e aumentar impostos para dar o bolsa-bolsonaro de 400 paus?
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2021.10.22 06:48 Puzzleheaded_Gur_846 Third movie Actor should be a guy from WWE

I mean it will be Stick for them to wrestling with Kaiju
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2021.10.22 06:48 Nohan07 Les déchets brulent à petit feu dans la décharge la Trompeuse et dégagent des substances chimiques toxiques

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2021.10.22 06:48 pearlofmoonlight any tips on clearing lostbelts?

hello, I have been playing fgo on JP server on and off for a while, and I see the upcoming events have requirements of clearing lb5 and lb6. I have just finished lb3, not much problem so far though I have had to use command seals a few times. But I'm reading many players have had a lot difficulty clearing later lostbelts so i guess i may not make it to the events, so I need advice on which servants you think I should save and pull for that would help me with boss fights in those lostbelts? I would be really glad if I could get help bc I cant seem to find much advise on which servants really help in later lostbelts my ssr and sr servants rn are waver, summer kama, Jacques, mordred, enkidu, heracles, lancelot, baobhan sith, barghest, nitcoris, saber diarmuid, Atlanta, archer of inferno, ibaraki douji(berserker), mochizuki chiyome and ruler davinchi plus the 4 liz I got from events.
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2021.10.22 06:48 iamtwinswithmytwin Individually wrapped sliced bread

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2021.10.22 06:48 17_Bob_Trey_O Test

dfgdsf fds fdg fd fsfdgggggggg
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2021.10.22 06:48 Previous-Damage8419 Help a noob out

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to get a new laptop that can play Humankind. Don't have a massive budget: 1500-2000 Aussie dollars. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.22 06:48 helloVizart The map is called Rome, but shows middle Italy. 1930 vintage map with 3D shaded relief.

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2021.10.22 06:48 melancholichawk Forced on sit on a mysterious stain in school today, how do I clean my washing machine now ?

Basically I had a major test and only a seat was left in the hall, it had very noticable (prolly toilet related yikes) stains on it but I had no other choice so I tried to sit at the edge. Tried giving it a wash when I got home but it still Now my washing machine is probably contaminated too.
I've made it spin itself with no clothes and just water at 90 degree Celsius (194F), is this good enough ?
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2021.10.22 06:48 jarheadjake1 Lufthansa A340-300 (Star alliance livery) at 39,000ft

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2021.10.22 06:48 SKAVENCLOWNLOACH Does someone know what species of pencilfish this is?

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2021.10.22 06:48 Adorable-Ring8074 Hand numbness during sleep

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say but I'll do the best I can to phrase it.
About a year ago, I went to the doctor because my hand was going numb while I was sleeping, but only if my numbers were on the lower side (70-100ish). It was a nice warning signal for low blood sugar.
The doctor said it is a form of neuropathy and should go away with time, as my body got more used to those levels, despite an a1c of 7.
But it hasn't. It's gotten worse. Now it goes numb if my numbers are below 200, no matter what. And I'm exhausted. I'm getting around 4 hours of broken sleep a night.
I think my doctor just saw "diabetes" and decided that that must be it! He didn't do any other testing to rule anything else out.
I went to a chiropractor, who had me do some hand/arm movements to rule out things like a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel syndrome and gave me some exercises to do to help.
They helped a little but never completely removed the issue. Sometimes I try to wear a hand brace and it just makes things 10x worse.
I will be making another appointment, with a different doctor, to see if I can get more help than just "it's the diabetes".
Has anyone else had this happen to them? What questions did you ask the doctor to help you?
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2021.10.22 06:48 MassiveSteamingPile why do soo many people ban NP in turbo?

look i'm a drunk hooligan who only plays when im 4 bottles deep into a 6pack of beer
but why the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFlip do people ban NP EVERY GAME
i just want to make my tree friends and attack a tower in peace
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