for the love of.. 📢 @vesna.pocuca.sana ❤ Mature sensual and sexy

2021.10.22 06:30 Character_Bridge3240 for the love of.. 📢 @vesna.pocuca.sana ❤ Mature sensual and sexy

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2021.10.22 06:30 martinbitter Fake telegram with over 100k members!

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2021.10.22 06:30 janekSnow Day 1: Crystal

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2021.10.22 06:30 Xpertx_xninjaX BLYAT!!! That is all...

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2021.10.22 06:30 sleepfuture the biggest riot in runescape history is coming

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2021.10.22 06:30 teypjm Taking a GAP YEAR for the 2nd year in college, free tuition gone?

Hi. I finished my first year in PUP last AY 2020-2021 but am planning to take a gap year for my second year to transfer in a different state university the following AY (‘22-‘23).
Late po kasi calendar ng PUP so during the transferee application in the SUC I’m aiming for, second semester pa lang ang PUP.
Balak ko po mag-gap year para next AY ako transfer sa ibang state U.
Mawawala po ba ang free tuition ko kapag nag-stop ako this year then enroll for 2nd year sa 2023? given that I’ve taken and completed my first year in PUP?
Thank you po 🙏🏼
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2021.10.22 06:30 mt4christ247 Knowing Him in Truth - Thank the Father It’s Friday - - Purity 556

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2021.10.22 06:30 Bobcatcreator Fresh batch

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2021.10.22 06:30 Stupid15yoSlut hell yeah, my new thigh highs are on the way

the ones my "crush" picked out for me lmao. excited ngl
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2021.10.22 06:30 Puzzleheaded_Hyena44 What are melee weapons that are viable for endgame ones that serve you enough purpose that you don't need to replace it

Im looking for a melee weapon that is basically a good all around engame weapon
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2021.10.22 06:30 My_name_is_Bot UES Real Estate Roundup: Absurd Mansion, Affordable Apartments - Upper East Side, NY Patch

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2021.10.22 06:30 ShadorEMII New Page (22/10/21)(Unintended Consequences)

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2021.10.22 06:30 asphaltnaruto Hey 👅

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2021.10.22 06:30 YeamanPoo Question

I'm trying to trade some of my import cars for credits to buy the batmobile, but people keep saying their 20 credits each when rl insider says their 60
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2021.10.22 06:30 man_o_deep Flying Beast/ Rashbari Taneja

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2021.10.22 06:30 Snowqueenxoxo_ Not addicted to drugs, but possible becoming reliant?

Background- I have a lot of chronic health issues & pain. I used to hate meds and honestly still do. But recently I was prescribed Percocet for short-term use. I had it before when I had surgery last year, but never abused it. Well, my short-term issue has resolved but I have not stopped taking the percs. They’re super low dose, only 2.5mg, but it’s just enough that it makes me feel really relaxed and content. I only take it before I go to bed. My prescription is almost out & that’s fine, but i know eventually I’ll get more bc of my health issues. Anyways, I’m in no way addicted but I’m wondering if I’m reliant on them since I don’t need to be taking them anymore, but I also don’t want to stop. I think in-part, it’s also bc I’m lowkey depressed rn and taking these before I go to bed is kind of a break from shit. Idk
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2021.10.22 06:30 GullibleIndication61 Hi I need help girls!!!, what is it like having sex with another girl like scissoring or tribbing I really want to try it but I am to scared to ask anyone from where I’m from! X

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2021.10.22 06:30 Super-Ad-4588 public transportation £££ - explain to me like i am 5

Hello all,
I am new to Liverpool and live in one of the suburbs. Could someone explain to me what the tips and tricks are for saving money on public transportation? I intend to use the bus a lot because where I live is close to a bus stop but not much else :) do you recommend buying weekly and monthly passes? are there discount cards? what do you think of using the train? is it faster (google maps says no whenever i check) or cheaper?
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2021.10.22 06:30 nuggetnoya Baby Marius is here! He's so cute 💓

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2021.10.22 06:30 Rhoenix I mean, could you blame her?

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2021.10.22 06:30 Canoeee Mega Absol Raid

Canoeee - 0617 9662 3743
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2021.10.22 06:30 mattiariccadonna 'Servebot' John Isner join the team!
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2021.10.22 06:30 nocturnal_nurse Leftover from dexting and want to share. Let me know if you would like a specific one. (My plan is to keep sharing some of my extras as I slowly dex my frogs)

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2021.10.22 06:30 bird_fish_worms Online Fabric Stores in Europe?

Recommendations for online fabric stores in Europe (not UK) that have a good selection of sweater knits and jersey?
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2021.10.22 06:30 ohyouwillseemeoften Bitcoin's 90% flash crash on Binance US, explained

Bitcoin prices plunged nearly 90 percent on the United States trading platform Binance in a flash Thursday morning. Prices dropped to as low as $8,200 from around $65,000. The cryptocurrency exchange attributed the flash price crash to a “bug” in the trading algorithm of an institutional customer
What happened on Binance?
At around 7:34 am New York time, the price of Bitcoin crashed from $65,760 to as low as $8,200. Within fleeting seconds, it bounced back up to almost exactly the price earlier. Volume stood at 592.8 Bitcoin on the exchange during the crash, which is just short of $40 million at current prevailing prices. The plunge occurred only on Binance but knocked the Bitcoin price on other exchanges as well. On Bitstamp, the price dropped 2.3 percent around the same time but did not go below $63,600. On Coinbase, Bitcoin lost around $1,000. The crash on Binance also had an impact on the Ethereum price rally, which lost around $2,000 from its price of just over $4,000 per ether.
Reason for the crash
Binance blamed the Bitcoin flash crash on an institutional trader's rogue algorithm. “One of our institutional traders indicated to us that they had a bug in their trading algorithm, which appears to have caused the sell-off,” Binance told Bloomberg. The company said the issue was resolved after the trader fixed the bug. However, the flash crash came soon after Binance's chief executive warned crypto traders of high volatility in the coming months. "Expect very high volatility in crypto over the next few months," Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted a day before the crash. Mistaken crashes like this happen in finance when traders mess up details of their intended trades. Or when they enter the wrong order size or price. If the size of the trade is colossal, it can overwhelm an entire exchange leading to a quick, massive decline. This is called a flash crash.
Source : CNBC TV
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